6" Hinge Belt Conveyor

Steel belt conveyors are best suited for low coolant content and bushy or broken chips.  Pitch sizes of 2.5” (63mm), 4” (100mm), 6” (150mm), and 9” (225mm) are typically used for chip handling, depending on expected load.  Special designs incorporating dimples, perforations, and reinforcements are available to suit more demanding applications.


  • Everywhere where large volumes of (metallic) chips occur
  • Tool machines e.g. turning machines, stripper machines, boring machines, deep drilling machines
  • As collecting conveyor for several tool machines • Waste removal for rough turning machines
  • Suitable for heavy chips
  • Transport distances up to 100 m


  • Low operating costs
  • Proven roller block design to ensure a long lifetime for the chain
  • Resistant overload protection for the drive unit to increase the lifetime of the motor
  • Can also be operated as a collecting conveyor for covering long distances
Type 4" 6"
Chain pitch 101,6 mm 152,4 mm
Belt thickness 4 mm 5 mm
Belt width (W) Min. 152 mm 305 mm
Belt width (W) Max. 1219 mm 1524 mm
Cleat height 63 mm 100 mm
Belt speed M/Min. 1--12 1--12
Appication for machines with
max spindle power (recommendation)
90 KW 300 KW
Max. center line length (recommendation) 60 M 100 M
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