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    complete, customised filtration systems for handling coolant and chips

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    Mayfran is the choice for demanding solid waste and recycling operations.

Mayfran offers more - All from one source

At Mayfran, you will always find a solution for coolant filtration, as well as chip and scrap handling applications.

  • From conceptual design through to planning, installation & commissioning, we provide our services worldwide.
  • Comprehensive and individually tailored service concepts also complement our offers.
  • All from a one source, is not just an a strap line for us, we constantly strive to offer our customers new and additional productivity advantages from within the Mayfran portfolio.
  • We understand how important it is for our customers to be able to rely on our products, to ensure efficiency and reliability of its own machinery.
  • There are good reasons why Mayfran is a leading supplier in many key manufacturing sectors.
  • Whether it’s the automotive or aerospace world, within the engineering and recycling industries.

We are at your service!

Mayfran offers more - All from one source


Mayfran produces innovative and efficient material handling equipment for the recycling industry.

Our steel plate belt conveyors are used in the following industries:

  • steel and metal recycling
  • scrap processing
  • press shops
  • punching shops
  • waste processing
  • waste incineration plants
  • ashes disposal
  • recycling plants
  • foundries
  • waste wood recycling

With our conveyor technology we transport

  • cast iron and steel chips
  • press and punching scrap
  • chip briquettes
  • scrap metal packages
  • electronic scrap
  • cast and forged parts
  • wood waste such as wood chips
  • waste and recycling materials

Our solutions are characterized by exceptional conveying capacities, wear resistance and robustness as well as availability requirements and are designed for various applications.

For more complex requirements, we develop complete conveyor systems, such as sheet metal scrap disposal systems, which are used to dispose of entire production plants by means of container changing systems by combining various individual conveyors and movable chutes.

With decades of experience, Mayfran designs systems to meet solution-oriented and industry-specific requirements.

central filtration

Mayfran designs and builds complete, custom filtration systems for central processing of coolant and chips for multiple machine tools. These systems can process the desired flow rates with one or more modules. A wide range of filtration technologies, including gravity, pressure, vacuum, and precoat filters, allows us to find the best solution for your needs from 100 l/min to 20.000 l/min.

Decades of experience in the design and implementation of central filter systems, sound resources in project management and engineering and a wide range of filter technologies make Mayfran the safe choice for your coolant cleaning.

In addition, we can incorporate the unique Viavent surface-mounted return pump system and chip handling and processing solutions to provide an optimized chip and coolant processing system.

Mayfran modular filter system

The Mayfran Modular Filter System, MMF, offers a suitable solution for OEM's and end customers for every machining process on a machine tool. Thanks to its modular design, the filter system is optimally adapted to the respective requirements. An MMF filter system essentially consists of a tank, filter, pumps and other options.

Communication with our customers is important to us. You bring in your ideas and wishes - we support you with our knowledge and many years of experience.

With the know-how of both sides, win-win solutions are worked out which guarantee efficient order processing and open up further development perspectives for both partners.

Cleansweep RM - the new generation of swarf conveyor !

The best general chip conveyor available utilizing proven cleaning technology for effective chip handling and removal.

  • Increased machine uptime
  • Reduced coolant tank maintenance
  • Extended coolant, pump and tooling life
  • Compact design 
  • Easy retrofit to any orginal chip conveyor

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Swarf processing systems


Chip wringing is becoming progressively more important in today’s machine shops. Environmental laws limit the maximum residual coolant that can be left in transported swarf.

Reclaiming the expensive coolant and the increased sales value of the dried chips are significant cost saving factors for a shop operation.

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ConSep 2000 25th anniversary

Why have innovative machine tool operators trusted Mayfran's ConSep 2000 for the past 25 years?



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